Technology "traction" intellectual manufacturing upgrade

  Asia fuji elevator developed the language-controlled elevators were officially launched in Pingyi County, adding another safety line of defense for elevators during the epidemic period. 
  On September 5th,2021 the reporter came to Asia Fuji Elevator (Linyi) Co., Ltd.exhibition hall elevator room,language control elevator for a test ride experience.
  "Go to the second floor!" When all the passengers enter the cabin, no one need to press the button nor swiped the card, but issued such a simple voice command.
  A second later, the elevator door automatically closes and rises smoothly and slowly. "The whole operation process, just saying, no hands, to avoid the button contact, so as to achieve a certain effect of epidemic prevention.
  After the first batch of product components of Asia Fuji language-operated elevators came off the production line, they were strictly tested by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine,and all indicators met the national standards. The test identification from the health prevention department shows that: the language control elevator lifting process can reduce the chance of cross-infection by touch to a certain extent.
  According to the chief engineer Gao Dongqing, the elevator's high-precision control system and the application of permanent magnet synchronous traction machine make the elevator run evenly,smoothly and comfortably;the development and application of contactless interactive human-machine interface and the empty and free state cabin automatic disinfection function enhance the epidemic prevention effect; at the same time, the configuration of the elevator running state health negative oxygen ion wind fully reflects the concept of healthy elevator ride.
  Elevator is called "Luxury, Large, Level-up" products, how to make "Luxury, Large, Level-up" climb high again and achieve higher quality development? Asia Fuji Elevator (Linyi) Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "Better future comes from quality,Great dream comes from service", Taking science and technology innovation as the core driving force, accelerates the industrial upgrade of elevator "intelligent manufacturing" through science and technology "traction", and explores a new way of high quality development of the enterprise led by technology empowerment.
  Entering the 50,000-square-meter "unmanned factory", there are no workers in the production workshop of elevator components, except for a few on duty. In the large workshop, the production line composed of 5 robots, the robot arm swings fast and slow according to the computer instructions, accurately positioning, grabbing and transferring the material, from plate forming to welding, and then to automatic painting, several processes are completed. It is understood that this set of production line equipment imported from Germany, worth more than 20 million yuan, the whole process to achieve digital, intelligent, standardized production.
  The "traction" of scientific and technological innovation has greatly boosted the activity of the product market. Looking at the delivery trucks driving out of the factory one after another, Niu Jun said confidently: "After the launch of the language-manipulated elevator products, they are favored by the market, and more than 3,000 orders have been signed in the first phase, and the market prospect is very broad. Next, we will continue to increase the intensity of enterprise scientific research, and make every effort to speed up the upgrade of enterprise intelligent manufacturing, and strive for the annual elevator production exceeds 20,000 units, and the output value exceeds 3 billion yuan."